Limited Time Offer

Short Notice? No Problem!

For Just $99 You Receive:​

1) Christian Elopement Ceremony

  • I believe the marriage vows are sacred.  Therefore, I give my full efforts to honor God and the couple just as if it were a wedding with 300 people present. 

2) Free Venue or One of Your Choice.  I will conduct the ceremony at: 

  • a) my wedding facility
    • Located at: 1200 Woodruff Rd. Build. A-3 Greenville, SC 29607
  • ​b) or at one of my recommended free outdoor venues.
    • ​​If you do not have a venue, I can recommend several beautiful FREE venues.
  • c) or at your choice of location. 
    • an additional fee may be necessary if I travel outside of Greenville. 

3) I will Witness and Legalize Your Marriage License

  • Bring your marriage license from the clerk of court, and I will complete the 3 copies in accordance  with SC regulations, issue you the Bride/Groom copy, and return the other two copies with the Clerk of Court.

This special offer is for an elopement, which means there is:

No initial meetings before the time of the ceremony

Little to no planning beyond scheduling the time, date, and location

The ceremony is scheduled between the hours of 10:00am-7:00pm (any day of the week)

As the Officiant, I may or may not be dressed formally

The hired services of a photographer will not be used

There are not more than 6 guests (not including the the Bride, Groom, or their small children, and the minister)

Rev. Michael Mooney: Specializing in Christian Elopements and Weddings for Couples with Traditional Values.

  All for Only $99
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"Something past, something present, Something old, something new."

From the Past

The words "elope", "eloping", "eloped" bring to mind a few different meanings (depending on

your age -smile).  Years ago the southern culture in Greenville was more formal than today.  When young lovers wanted to get married, they sought their parents approval..  If the parents did not agree, the lovebirds (being driven by the passion of their undying love) would run away together and elope.  

In the Present

Today, eloping describes a couple which gets married without the planning and expenses of a formal wedding.  Typically, elopements involve only 3 people -the Bride, the Groom, and the Minister.  However, it is not unusual to include a few friends and family members.  

Wedding Officiant Greenville SC

For a Limited Time, Elope Today in Greenville SC | Special Price $99 

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